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One of Point Pleasant’s premier corrective chiropractic clinics welcomes all patients from Ocean County, Monmouth County and the rest of the Jersey Shore area. Dr. Mark Guariglia is an experienced chiropractor offering total health including pain management for neck and back pain as well as sports medicine and family care.

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Need Search Engine Help? Quick Tip for NJ Businesses Related to The Travel Industry

You have a small business website and you’ve heard of search engine optimization before, but you leave the details up to your webmaster or marketing team. FYI you guys – search engine optimization is never completely done on a website. It’s always changing because search engines are changing too. Though change is really the only constant in SEO, we know that having high quality, relevant back links pointing to your website is still very important for search engine success. Small business websites should always look for ways to build good links that send visitors back to their site. Each one is like a vote for your site in Google’s eyes and tells search engines that your site must be pretty important and you should put it closer to the top of search results because so many other sites link it.

Local NJ small businesses that are connected to the travel industry have a unique opportunity to get a free link on a high quality, relevant website. New Jersey Division of Travel and Tourism visitnj.org – It’s relevant because it’s industry related and geographically related to your business and it’s high quality because it’s a government site, it’s very large and has been online for a very long time. The content is original an robust and there are likely very few errors on the site.

I strongly suggest, if this link would be relevant to your travel related, NJ based, small business website, that you request a listing. It’s FREE and I’m sure it would benefit your search results.

Here is a listing I created for one of my clients. Her website does get consistent traffic from this page! Take a look! http://www.visitnj.org/nj-spas/pampered-spirit-mobile-massage-spa

How do I get my business listed on this website?

It’s easy to get listed, but make sure your business meets the requirements as follows:

Tourism listings will be added that meet the following criteria:

  • Business or organization must be based in New Jersey and/or service promotes New Jersey tourism industry.
  • Business or organization must provide a service that directly benefits the traveling public.
  • Hotels & Lodging listings will include hotels, motels, bed & breakfast, inns and campgrounds.
  • Restaurants will be accepted if they provide a unique service that attracts tourism.

This is how to get listed:

Required Information to Submit a Tourism Business Listing

  • A tourism business listing must be submitted by email to: Arion.Jamerson@sos.nj.gov
  • Name of business listing.
  • Business listing physical address.
  • Public contact phone number for additional information (email if available, but not mandatory).
  • Business listing website if available.
  • A brief description of the services offered by the business.
  • Contact name, phone number and email for website administrator’s use only to create your user account, which will be sent to you.
  • Photos and videos can be uploaded once the listing is created by the Division of Travel and Tourism, we recommend you upload at least one photo for the website.

Read more about how to add a business listing at the New Jersey Division of Travel and Tourism website here: http://www.visitnj.org/how-to-get-tourism-business-listed


acupuncture-practice.com Dr. Robert F. Lenahan has been treating New Jersey patients with therapeutic acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine since 1976. Acupuncture is a medically recognized therapy for the treatment of disease, dysfunction, stress and the alleviation of pain. Chinese medicine is ideal for addressing fertility and women’s health as well as aiding in the treatment of high blood pressure and many other conditions and diseases.

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3 Reasons To Use Instagram to Market Your Small Business

Navigating the evolving world of social media and digital marketing can seem complicated and time consuming to a small business owner who’s main concern is to run their company. It’s tempting to foist the task upon a family member or employee who may be familiar with how to use various platforms for personal enjoyment, but doesn’t have the first clue how to use social media to market a business. Instagram is a great solution for a business that has a brick and mortar store, for someone who makes handmade things, a restaurant or for a contractor with a gallery of work to share. Here are a few reasons why Instagram is an excellent tool that can become an effective way to spread the word about your small business online.

1. Statics show Instagram’s success is growing.
Instagram is one of the most successful photo-sharing apps in the world. They have over 500 million active monthly users and the service continues to evolve and grow in popularity. Users currently share an average of 95 million photos and videos per day. It’s been projected that this year, 70.7 percent of U.S. companies will use Instagram for marketing, edging out Twitter for the first time.

2. A platform for the silent type.
As a photo sharing app, Instagram is useful for the business owner who isn’t persistent about blogging because they aren’t sure what to write. Blogging is important, but rather than be completely silent, you can share photos and add a short description or a tagline, a link back to your website and a few hashtags to the post for maximum impact. Don’t waste an opportunity by skimping on hashtags. Hashtags help Instagram users discover content and accounts to follow. The right hashtag, or combination of hashtags, will expose your brand to large and targeted audiences. By making yourself more discoverable on Instagram, you have a better chance of attracting new followers, getting more likes, and increasing engagement.

When users like, follow and comment on your posts, reply and thank them for their compliments and comments. Be sure to check out a few of their profiles and show them some love too by liking and commenting if what they are posting is relevant and appropriate. This will expose your profile to a wider audience and provide credibility and personalization to your account.

3. Instagram might be all they need to inspire a purchase.
I suggest installing the app on your smart phone and posting often, at least 4 times per week. Snap a picture of a dish at it leaves the kitchen on the way to a customer’s table. Post a photo of a new bag or piece of jewelry that’s just been put out on display. Showcase that tile job in your client’s remodeled bathroom or a candid shot of the yoga class as everyone is getting warmed up. As a result, you will see performance rates increase because 75% of Instagram users take action, such as visiting a website, when they see an Instagram advertising post.