3, 2, 1… Launch! readtoleadnj.com is a new website for a reading tutor in Ocean County, NJ

logo_readtoleadnjMrs. Joan Mazzuca Chinchilla is a reading tutor for students of all ages and grade levels, serving Monmouth County and Ocean County. Multi sensory reading specialist, Joan Mazzuca Chinchilla, provides tutoring services, reading & literacy programs and homework assistance for NJ students. For more information, contact Joan at 732-278-0766.

Visit readtoleadnj.com to learn more.


New GMS Web Services Will Improve Your Internet Marketing

At the company I work with in Belmar, NJ, we are consistently adding to the services we are offering to help our clients improve the results they get from our internet marketing efforts.

At http://givemeservice.com – we don’t sell websites. We help small business owners grow by providing comprehensive internet marketing packages. Your small business website is just the beginning! Once a website is designed with onpage search engine optimization considered and conversion design implemented, we move on to provide additional services post-launch, to make sure your new website works for you.

These services include Local search engine optimization to make sure your company appears on multiple 3rd party sites throughout the web including the most sought after spots on google maps and local searches. We clean up and create social profiles that are consistent with your information and brand across multiple sites. We have ongoing citation building which means we consistently create business listings throughout the web that link back to your website and increase your link popularity. We have an advanced SEO service and provide mobile sites optimized for click-to-call and click-to-map on multiple devices. We provide call tracking and analytics that tell us about how your web visitors found you and can even record phone calls that come in through your website – with no special equipment for you to buy or install on your end! This helps us to see how calls are being handled when they come into your business and even gives us insight on how your callers interact with your phone system or answering service.

givemeservicegivemeservice.com provides ongoing monitoring of leads produced by your website and pays close attention to make sure those leads don’t fall through the cracks. Website maintenance and updates are also included in every Internet marketing website project, which means we are always there to support your business and provide changes and upgrades as needed.

If you need help with internet marketing or are looking for a local, NJ company to manage your small business website, please call 732-894-9600 or contact us online.

NJ New Home Builder Gambrick Construction Gets a New Website

Gambrick Construction gambrick.com is a custom home builder, remodeler and renovation contractor who has been serving the New Jersey shore area for more than 3 decades. Their original website had been online for many years and had an extensive amount of well written content which was an excellent place to start with a website redesign project. The content has been reorganized and new elements of conversion layout design have been considered which will increase the amount of leads that will come in from the website. A mobile version of the site has been developed to increase conversion rates across multiple devices.

On Your Mark Joins Forces with GMS: NJ Business Networking and Internet Marketing for New Jersey Companies

givemeserviceOn Your Mark Design and Graphics is changing and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share the details of these changes with everyone. Since March of 2013, we’ve been working with givemeservice.com, a business networking organization and internet marketing firm based in Belmar, NJ.

givemeservice.com has been improving the lives of NJ business owners since 1999. Here’s how it works – there are 2 sides of GMS. On one side we have the incredible small business network with more than 250 local NJ businesses and over 1000 extended members. We have met every business owner in the network in PERSON! Think of a chamber of commerce… times 10. The network manager is Bianca Grande. Want to meet her? The answer is YES. If you are an NJ business owner… yes, you do. She brings together business owners who need to connect with each other. She’s like a match maker for decision makers – and she encourages professional networking. She makes sure your GMS membership works for you by planning and facilitating upwards of 30 networking events per year. She facilitates every event, meets every member in person and grows the network by bringing in new members every single month. Check out the website, givemeservice.com and view all the member listings (there are a LOT). Give someone a call and ask them how they feel about GMS… They love it. The network works. Then give Bianca a call and she’ll help you understand why.

The other side of givemeservice.com deals with all things web and internet related! This is where I shine, but I’m not alone. I’m a designer and I do my best to make our client’s sites beautiful, professional, clear and easy to use. We also have a conversion specialist and project manager, Eugene; and a local SEO manager, Irina; so our sites aren’t just pretty but they can be found in search engines. Hear that? When local people search for what you do… they find YOU. Yeehaw! And when those visitors find you and come to your and site it’s organized in such a way that they will be most likely to call you, buy from you, or get in touch with you to use your service… This is called Lead Generation. The more leads that come in from a website, the more a business owner can SEE the value of that site and the return on investment becomes crystal clear. Lead Generation happens when a website is optimized for Conversions. We love this stuff! We eat it up! It’s fun to watch a business get attention on the web and even more when the business gets new leads and is able to thrive with our help.

Marvin always says, “All we want is for your business to grow.”. Marvin Ellis is the boss man, the president and founder of GMS. He’s the guy you want to meet if you are a NJ business owner who wants to talk about web services. I’ve never seen a person get as downright giddy as he does when leads are coming in through our client’s websites. As well he should! We get to see our efforts pay off every day in a real, tangible way that makes a difference in people’s lives. Makes their businesses thrive. Makes their dreams come true. His experience and knowledge about the web ensure your website project will work for your business and you can be sure that he will personally be there to answer your questions or talk to you about your project every step of the way. He simply loves small business owners. That’s why he does this and has been doing this as the founder and president of givemeservice.com since 1999.

So that’s givemeservice.com! We work with NJ business owners to help grow their businesses in person with our huge network of local businesses and networking events AND online with web design, lead generation and local SEO. I’m in love with this company and my team here and I hope you will stop by the office in Belmar, NJ and get to know us. We look forward to meeting you!

*Current clients of On Your Mark Design and Graphics will be hearing from us shortly about the transition and changes to your account including the details of your new GMS network membership! Please call the office at (732) 894-9600 with any questions or concerns. No changes will occur to any account without client approval and until we have reached out to each of you individually to discuss the benefits included with transition to givemeservice.com.